Taking an app from test to live

  • 12 November 2021
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I have had my android app in a closed test on the Google Play Store for the past two weeks.  On Monday, i plan to promote the app to live.  Is there an easy way to mimic the settings i have for my FollowTheMoney app - debug to a new FollowTheMoney app - release?


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2 replies

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Are you referring to cloning the settings from one app in RevenueCat to another? Unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment but is a good idea I can share with product!

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I originally was thinking that i would have a ‘test’ version of the app and a ‘release’ version.  When i look at my dashboard, there are stats (users, revenue) that pertain to activities in test.  I would like to start fresh and have the stats pertain only to production (release).

What is going to make this more complicated is when i have an IOS version of the same app.  I’ll have the android version (which i learned from scratch on this app) in release and the IOS version (which i am learning) in test.

I am not sure what the best approach is.