Subscriptions one user with multiple devices

  • 14 June 2023
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Hi Everyone,

Just a question on subscriptions. While testing on both ios and android using the same user identifier, i came across a problem ( I think...).

If i start a subscription on an ios device, then log into the app on an Android device, will i need to have a seperate subscription for that device?





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2 replies

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Hi @cody ,

Thanks for the reply. I use Firebase for authentication and user creation with a fairly standard Firebase UID which I push through to RevenueCat.

In theory then, based on what you are saying, the entitlement purchased on an Android Phone will transfer to to the iOS device based on the uid provided.

I will give at another test and see how it goes. Should the android and ios products have identical names (i.e. one is upper case the other lower case)?






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Hey @OzNick!

You won’t need to have the user purchase a subscription on each device separately. However, you’ll want to be sure you don’t accidentally allow your users to start multiple subscriptions. When identifying users cross-platform with the same user ID, you can rely on entitlements to share subscriptions that were purchased on a different platform (and ensure they don’t accidentally start a duplicate subscription):