SKProduct retrieval errors in production app.

  • 15 November 2021
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I was just about to hit submit on the question below, but I checked one more time and now it is working!  It was giving the error within the last hour.  Is this common?  How can we debug what happened?


An existing in-production iOS app could not retrieve SKProduct info for a period today.
No changes made to App Store or RevenueCat configurations, and everything looks in place.
Today we get the dreaded:  
Could not find SKProduct for ( prod123 )





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This can happen due to a couple reasons:

  1. If it’s a new product, it can take 24 hours to go live on the App Store.
  2. There could have been a blip in Apple’s StoreKit API.

RevenueCat has a status page for our API for future reference that you can subscribe to. So far it’s sounding like a blip that unfortunately neither you nor RevenueCat can do much about. For extended StoreKit outages, RevenueCat often takes steps to maintain your app’s functionality, but this looks momentary and not widespread. Let us know if you continue to see these issues!