Revenue Cat Data Export: Apple Store Billing Issue detected

  • 7 November 2023
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I have been working with the Revenue Cat Export and I am trying to understand how the billing issues detected works on the Apple Store (it appears to be different to the Play Store).

The flow that I think is happening is:

  1. Customer reaches end of subscription
  2. Payment attempt is made for the next subscription period
  3. Payment fails
  4. The column Billing_Issue_at is updated for the last paid subscription row and no new row is created.

Point 4 is important as it means that lines flagged as billing issues would be legitimate transactions, and not failed transactions.

  1. The customer goes into dunning for 60 days.
  2. If the customer pays a new line is added to the export 
  3. If the customer doesn’t pay then nothing happens, there is no unsubscribe flag added to the export.
  4. After 60 days it can be assumed that the customer subscription has expired

Is this correct?


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Hi, your interpretation of the flow is mostly correct. There will be no new row when there's a billing issue, rather the billing_issues_detected_at will be updated. Also note that there is the field effective_end_time which is what you should check to see if the grace period ended, which then would make the purchase successful:,effective_end_time,-Single%20reference%20point