Restore purchase is not working in test environment (iOS)

  • 24 March 2023
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Hi Everyone!

I am new to RevenueCat, but I´m struggling with an issue for 3 weeks now. I am trying to create a subscription model for my app and it seems to work fine when I do the purchase, but when I try to restore said purchase the subscription is not found (“free version found” gets printed from the code below). I did try this with a physical device and using various sandbox testers. I also contacted support about two weeks ago, but their answers were not helpful so far (remove and add again the storekit config file, create new sandbox tester, make sure all ID-s are an exact match between XCode and RevenueCat...).


When I make a test purchase it does appear in the Overview as New Customer, it has an expiration date date as well (for a monthly purchase I see one month instead of the test setup of 5 minutes), but I do not see an Active Subscription appearing.


This is the code I use to manage the purchase:


And this is what I used for restoring the purchase:


1 reply

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Hey @Andrea ,

We are continuing to investigate and will update you in our support ticket, but can leave this post open for anyone else who has experience similar issues and may want to comment!