Purchases.sharedInstance.getOfferingsWith return empty list

  • 4 July 2022
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  •  i have an app live on google play.
  •  everything works fine
  •  i add a suffix to package name to create another flavor of the app
  •  i publish this new app to closed testing and add a list of testers
  •  i create new app on Revenue cat (same package name as my new flavor)
  •  i add the same Service Account credentials JSON for new app as the one for existing live app where everything works fine
  •  i added 2 products in revenueCat for this new app. the Identifier for each product is matching the Product ID on google play for that new app subscriptions. Each product has the same entitlement as existing app products. all are sharing the same entitlement.
  •  I am checking the Debug info for this new app:
  •  when i am checking the logs, i can see [ Products request finished for : {my products}
  • Retrieved skuDetailsList: SkuDetails: {"productId":… ] - here i have all the products, but then i can see the next row of logs :  Requesting products from the store with identifiers: {my products}, Products request finished for {my products}, Retrieved skuDetailsList: { empty!!! }

I am out of ideas, any hint what could not work for this new app (that is not in production, but on closed testing on play store, already approved) ?

1 reply

Hello Ghita, 


Apologies for the delay, this can be so frustrating. 

If your products, offerings, or packages are empty it's most likely related to a configuration or setup issue in Google. We've put together a handy guide here that outlines the common reasons for this here:

We would also be happy to jump on a call with you in case you need further help and walk you through this. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can see more. Let us know what is your preference. 


Very best,