PurchaseInvalidError - Android

  • 20 April 2023
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I am testing in app subscriptions in my app. Actually it’s been working really fine till today. I cancel and restart muy subscription many times to test the features. Today when i try to subscribe to app i have this message below;

PurchasesError(code=PurchaseInvalidError, underlyingErrorMessage=Error updating purchases. DebugMessage: Expired Product details. Please fetch product details again and use it to retry the call.. ErrorCode: DEVELOPER_ERROR., message='One or more of the arguments provided are invalid.')


I am fetching product informations correctly (like price ...etc). What should i do?

2 replies

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I'm getting the same problem but I'm on sandbox, so what should I do?

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Hey @ugursnr ,


The error that you are seeing usually indicates one of the provided arguments for the purchase was invalid, including the payment method.

The problems that will trigger this on Android:

To resolve this, we recommend that you ensure the device payment method is valid and all arguments passed in are correct.