Offer code price is incorrectly listed as 0

  • 10 August 2021
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I used an offer code to purchase a monthly subscription. However, RevenueCat is showing the value as 0 as opposed to £3.99.


{  "app_id": “removed",  "app_user_id": "removed",  "currency": "GBP",  "entitlement_ids": [    "fullaccess"  ],  "environment": "PRODUCTION",  "event_timestamp_ms": 1628613642804,  "expiration_at_ms": 1631292033000,  "is_family_share": false,  "is_trial_conversion": false,  "price": 0,  "price_in_purchased_currency": 0,  "product_id": “removed",  "purchased_at_ms": 1628613633000,  "store": "APP_STORE",  "takehome_percentage": removed,  "transaction_id": “removed"}

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5 replies


@cody how far away is the dashboard UI you mentioned? In the meantime, is there any other way to indicate the actual price for a given offer code?

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Yep, a normal conversion or renewal will have the full price.

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@cody Following up here: will RevenueCat display the full purchase value on the dashboard after the free trial has ended and the user has converted to a full price subscription?

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Thanks @cody - that’s helpful to know that it’s a limitation with what information Apple provides RevenueCat and therefore a limitation with what we can see in our dashboard.

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Hey @Andreas! 👋

As of now, this is expected behavior due to limitations on what data is available to developers from the user’s device/receipt. In the future, we’d like to provide a dashboard UI for you to specify Offer Code prices, but for now we opt to display these transactions at $0 to not over-report your MTR (since a free trial is the most common offer price).