Minor issues with the Android docs

  • 22 December 2021
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I’m not sure the best place to send feedback regarding the docs, but I’ve been following along and implementing the various SDK’s and noticed a few things that might need to be fixed.



@NotNull should be changed to @NonNull



v6.4.1 doesn’t seem to take a PurchaseConfiguration.Builder instead:
Purchases.configure(this, "mykey");


It’s been a fairly smooth sailing following the docs and getting things implemented otherwise. If there is a better place to post feedback about the docs let me know.

1 reply

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Hey @mcfarljw!

Thanks for the heads up- the initialization snippets were updated recently to be relevant for the new 5.0.0 beta which includes Amazon support, but it’s definitely misleading since the current version doesn’t use a Builder.


We’ll work on getting these things updated!