Making purchases with "Block Restores" restore behaviour

  • 17 April 2022
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As the title suggests, I’m concerned about making purchases with “Block Restores” restore behaviour for our project. Our app requires an account to make a subscription purchase, and requires the user to be logged into that account to use any subscription entitled features.


If a user under Account A makes a purchase of a subscription and cancels it some time in the future, then signs in to Account B - could it be possible for him to purchase a subscription again (under the same Apple ID), but now attached to Account B?


I’ve only been able to try out this scenario in the Sandbox environment (which is full of its own quirks), so I’m really interested in how RevenueCat handles this case in production. Or will it still raise “there’s already another user using the same receipt” type of an error, regardless of any circumstances?

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Hey @Artyom Titov!

With the `Block` behavior enabled, receipts can’t be transferred to different non-anonymous user IDs, even if the subscription is expired. Once an underlying receipt is synced with a non-anonymous user ID, it can’t be transferred away unless the user is deleted from RevenueCat. Anonymous user IDs can still have their receipts transferred, though.

If another user ID attempts to claim that receipt (by making a purchase or restoring purchases), it won’t be transferred because it’s already in-use. Because of this, you should be sure to be prepared from a customer support perspective to help users reclaim their accounts/purchases if the cases occur where they lose access to their account.

You can read more about restore behavior here: