iOS app crashes after correcting an entitlement on RevCat

  • 29 December 2021
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Question: Can any errors made on Revcat products possibly cause an app to crash upon initializing?

Background story: We created new products for Black Friday and implemented them via Firebase Remote Config. After Black Friday was over, when I switched to our usual old lifetime subscription product via remote config, the purchase screen started crashing. Then I discovered that there was a missing entitlement (or an attachment) for that product and clicked on “attach”- it is interesting that how this product hasn’t been crashing before even though we’ve been using it all along for years.

Anyways, after “correcting” the product, the issue was fixed, however, starting from that day, we started getting crashes on app initializing (it either crashes or the “initializing” screen stays forever).

Note:  There hasn’t been any updates on the app around that time. 60% of the crashes came from iOS 15 & iPadOS 15.

1 reply

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Hey @Julia!

Can you clarify what you mean by you enabled them by Firebase Remote Config? Do you mean that you use that config to determine which offering to display to a user?

There shouldn’t be any crashing caused by the SDK on initialization, or by a missing entitlement/product not connected to an entitlement- of course, we’d absolutely like to make sure that the SDK isn’t doing something strange to cause it.

Are you able to see the stacktrace of the crashes, or are you able to reproduce this on your end and provide some debug logs?