Example of Package / Offering / Entitlement shape

  • 4 August 2021
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I’m in the process of writing React-Native components that should display the details of a package. For this reason I am interested in knowing which fields are available on a Package object when received via an offering - so that I can model my data correctly.


I have looked through the documentation and searched through community posts, but have not found what I’m looking for.


Is it not available or have I just not succeeded in searching properly?


I think all developers working with RevenueCat would benefit from having some kind of documentation for the shape of packages, offerings, and entitlements - so that we can code without actually accessing these data points in our projects.


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Hey @Johan! 👋

Thanks for the great feedback- since our SDKs are open source, you can actually take a look at the framework directly to see the fields we expose. For example, here’s the Package object in React Native. You can look through the rest of that file for info of the other objects like PurchasesOffering, PurchasesProduct, etc.


Thank you @cody!
I should have thought about looking through the codebase…

For what its worth, I think having a reference in the developer documentation to these items could be helpful for future devs! :)