Easiest way to add a month free

  • 7 March 2023
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I want to create a feature in my app that g9ves a user a free month for free “unlocking premium” if the user invites 3 “friends”.


How can I make this happen? When I got on Apple Store Connect It only lets me add a free month at the start of their subscription

1 reply

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For customers without a subscription, you can use RevenueCat’s promotional grants (via the dashboard or the REST API). For customers currently on a subscription, you can use Apple’s endpoint to extend a subscription. It is worth noting that referral programs are not one of Apple’s explicitly supported use cases for this endpoint (“Use this endpoint to compensate your customers for temporary service outages, canceled events, or interruptions to live streamed events by extending the renewal date of their paid, active subscription.”). 

For Google, you can use the purchases.subscriptions.defer endpoint to achieve the same.