Detect a Successful/Unsuccessful Purchase

  • 13 January 2022
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New to RevenueCat and cannot seem to find the solution to what to do after making a purchase with this code in Flutter:

PurchaserInfo purchaserInfo = await Purchases.purchasePackage( _selectedPackage);

How do I properly determine if the purchase to a subscription was successful or not successful so that I can navigate the user properly?




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Hey @Paul Sarknas!

After the .purchasePackage() call returns, you can check the subscription status of the PurchaserInfo object to determine if the customer is “premium” or not and navigate them appropriately. The code to check this is probably similar to what you would do on app launch to navigate free vs. paid customers to the appropriate screen and may be something like:

if (purchaserInfo.entitlements.all["my_entitlement_identifier"].isActive) {
// Unlock that great "pro" content