Can not delete customers

  • 26 April 2022
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I have two customers showing up in my sandbox customer list but I can’t delete them.

When I click on them, they don’t pull up but they still show up in the list.

How do I contact support to help me delete these customers that refuse to go away?

Another post says it could take up to an hour but it’s been over a day.




2 replies

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Hey @sharif 

Is RevenueCat commercial company providing great value and not shy charging money? Almost two year, the issue is not yet fixed… it is in User Interface,  Customers → Sandbox.
I even transferred purchase to another UID, I can find newly created customer by this UID, but list shows single (deleted) customer only.

Your support is very suspicious and unreliable, more than a year and basic issue not fixed yet! What about more sophisticated issues such as enforcing Cloud Firestore claims refresh?

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Sorry for the delay! Are you still seeing this issue? You’re correct that the customer list cache lasts for a couple of hours or so, so it’s normal for deleted users to stay in the list for a while, but it’s not normal for deleted users to stick around for longer than that. If you know how to make HTTP requests, can you try deleting the customer using our API? Again, wait a couple of hours until after deleting them to check if they’re still in the dashboard. If that doesn’t work, can you share the app user ID of the sandbox customers you’re trying to delete? I can check on our end to see what’s going on.