Can a User Purchase Two Things at Once?

  • 1 June 2023
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Here’s my scenario:

I would like for our users to be able to purchase a course (one-time, non-consumable purchase), and with their purchase they get a certain number of free months of a premium subscription for free.  I’m sure that we can achieve the free months with a promo code.  Ideally, the subscription would become auto-renewing after the free period has expired, but if that’s not possible, it would be okay to just have it expire, and then we could prompt users to renew it inside the app.

The question is: how can we enable the user to essentially purchase both of these products with only one transaction?


P.S. The app is being built in React Native for both iOS and Android, so solutions should ideally work with both the Apple and Google Play stores.

2 replies

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Thanks, @cody.  That seems like a pretty reasonable compromise.

I had temporarily implemented a flow in which the user purchases the non-consumable offer and we provision the free subscription using app logic.  This approach would more-or-less work, except that it could not be converted into a paid subscription once the trial period ends without the user taking a separate action to sign up for the subscription at that time.  We could implement logic in the app to prompt the user to do so when the free trial is running out, and it may or may not result in a conversion.  I only mention it because it seems like either of these approaches would be viable.  It just depends on how you want to go about it.  Hopefully, having both of those choices might be helpful for any future reader of this thread.

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Hey @Mike Davis!

I’m not quite sure there’s a way to purchase two separate products in one transaction - in this case, I might recommend a flow where the user purchases the non-consumable offer, then you display the offer for the subscription product (with an intro offer that is a trial) somewhere that the user can easily see it and choose to subscribe.

The user will only be eligible for the intro offer once per subscription group, but it would autorenew to a paid subscription. You can read more about subscription offers in our doc here: