App binary payments error for App Store, subscriptions are not displayed.

  • 17 November 2021
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I have a detail with the update of my application, initially I had uploaded a build with the subscriptions of Renew Cat and these were shown so that users could obtain them, but in this last update they are not being shown, in the documentation they indicate that the subscriptions Real or production are only visible when the build is released, but the binary is being rejected by the App Store because the payments are not visible.

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Hey @Riccardo Fuentes! 👋

To clarify, you’re experiencing this issue when submitting your app for review?

Unfortunately, Apple’s sandbox environment is notoriously flaky - there are regular outages and sometimes purchases can get hung up in their system. Even worse is that Apple’s reviewers use this unstable environment for App Review, which can cause issues when the reviewer tests in-app purchases like subscriptions. I would recommend re-submitting your app for review (some developers have submitted the same binary up to a dozen times before getting through).

Just to clarify, there's nothing you as a developer or RevenueCat can do to resolve these errors except retrying later/resubmitting.

The good news is that Apple uses a separate production environment that is much more stable for live purchases, and these issues aren’t often seen in the same manner as in the sandbox environment.