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  • 27 July 2021
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is there an API  to get all the subscription infos of our our customers? 

Our goal is to connect it to a google sheet where we would display all the neccesary data to run some analytics. 

One issue that we currently have is that we cannot filter the people that cancelled due to a billing reason and the once that opted out. 

Getting all the subscriptions with their related info would be a good way to solve this. 

Thank you very much



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3 replies

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Hey @Siro Andrea Roncadin!

For the subscription status of individual users, you can use our REST API and the GET /subscribers method to get the current status of their subscriptions, entitlements, other purchases, and subscriber attributes.

If you need to filter and export groups of customers by specific states like billing issue, opted out, etc. I would recommend using Customer Lists to create custom lists based on those filters. You can read more about Customer Lists, creating lists, filtering, and exporting here.

You can see the data exported for each user that you could import into and filter by in Google Sheets here.

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I tried but the data is somehow not consistent. 

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I use Google Data Studio to collect my metrics from different platforms and display them.

It would be great to be able to get RC metrics from the dashboard in  Google Data Studio.