[Android] In-app product offering is NULL, but subscriptions are OK

  • 26 April 2022
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I have paywall in my app which provides different types of subscriptions. However there is an option for once time payment too.

In AppStore I’ve configured this lifetime plan as non-consumable purchase and it works fine.

In PlayMarket I’ve added the item to the “In-app products” section. “Allow users to purchase more than 1 of this product in a single transaction” option is OFF, tax is set as service. 

However on Android I get all my subscription-type offerings normally, but my “lifetime” offering returns as null.

Of course both products, iOS identifier and Android identifier, are added to the dashboard and the proper “lifetime” offering item. 

What else I’m missing?
Thank you in advance!


Best answer by Marianna Alpatova 27 April 2022, 07:07

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1 reply

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Looks like it takes some time after product activation to start working in your app. I went to sleep and after 10 hours it suddenly works.