User's current subscription entitlement as customer attribution for Targeting

  • 28 April 2024
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Hi, currently I have one default offering, and I wanted to AB test two new offerings but only with non paying users.

How can I do so that paying users will see(if they manually open the paywall from settings) the old offering and non-paying users will see one of the two new offerings?

I figured out that I can select whom to show particular offering with TARGETING feature, but in Custom Attribution there is no such attribution that helps to determine user’s current subscription plan.


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1 reply

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Let me see if I understood it correctly, you are in this scenario:

  • You have a default offering (Z) that you are currently showing in your app and some users are already subscribed.
  • You want to create 2 new offerings, A and B and you want to create an experiment between these two offerings.
  • You want to show the default offering (Z) to your currently subscribed users.

Create the two new offerings (A and B) in Offerings and create an experiment between these two new offerings. Here I am assuming you only want to use these two offerings, not doing 2 different experiments with Z vs A and Z vs B. Your not paying users will either see A or B and you can manually show your default (Z).

Bear in mind that you can always get the user’s offering by fetching `offerings?.current`. Here’s a good guide on how to do so and what’s the difference between current and default offering. It’s also important to add that experiments are only shown to new (non paying) users.


I hope this helps!