RevenueCat not displaying iOS paid subscriptions in the Customer Dashboard

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Hello Everyone!.

I've implemented RevenueCat's subscription functionality in both my Android and iOS apps.

The Customer Dashboard in RevenueCat is currently showing the paid subscription information for my Android users accurately. However, it's not displaying any paid subscriptions for my iOS users.


I have verified that the paid subscriptions are working correctly for iOS users through the App Store and on their iPhones. The issue solely lies in the RevenueCat Customer Dashboard not showing the paid subscription information for iOS users.


Has anyone faced a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Your advice and insights would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance!

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I checked your server logs for iOS purchases and they look very abnormal. Do you have another in-app purchases SDK that could be interfering with RevenueCat?

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Sorry to revive this question. I’m also experiencing this issue.

I can see App Store and Play Store sales in the Overview, but when I filter Charts by iOS projects/apps, it reports 0 active subscriptions. I believe I have everything set up correctly.

I do not have any other in-app purchase SDKs set up, only RevenueCat for iOS and Android.


One potential thing is that I have 2 projects which use the same iOS and Android ids. I wanted to delete one of these projects but I’m not sure whether doing so will affect the subscriptions and since it’s not showing me iOS subscriptions, I’m wary to do so.