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  • 6 April 2022
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Hi i am looking for some help with a few questions. 

The first is that we will be using offerings to manage discount codes across iOS and Android and then tracking the use of those codes throughout the user lifecycle. I have two main questions

  1. Are we able to export the data broken down by offering (I have had a look at the reports and can see that I can segment by offering but as we don’t have any data in there yet i cant see if that data would then be segmented when exported to CSV?? 
  2. What happens if I remove an offering? I would like to be able to remove an offering so that it doesn’t get returned in the future to the app (and therefore isn’t a valid code) but then also still be able to report on users that are a part of that offering? is this possible?






1 reply

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Hi @Jon Pass 

Something to keep in mind here is that you cannot have your own code system in an iOS app as it’s against their App Store guidelines (section 3.1.1). Their guidelines are a bit vague here if changing the paywall with a code would be acceptable. The best bet here is the App Store review team would see a field to enter a code and notice that it’s not using one of their provided features and lead to a rejection.

The recommended approach here is to use one of Apple’s provided features to offer a discount: 

  1. I assume that you’re looking at Charts here. When you export charts, it will export the entire data table that you see at the bottom of the charts. Any filters / segments applied will return to you the correct data when exporting.
  2. Are you referring to removing the actual Offering configured in RevenueCat? If so, I wouldn’t recommend this approach as it could have downstream effects in our database. The app should be detecting that it’s not a valid code.