Number of renewals for Yearly plan happening each month

  • 23 April 2022
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Hello, I’m trying to see the number of renewals for our Yearly plan happening each month but can't find this in the Charts section.


When I look at our Yearly renewal revenue in a given month and divide it by the Yearly renewals in that month from the Subscription Retention chart, I see a subscription price that is much higher what it should be.


This suggests that there are Yearly renewals happening each month that are not contained within the Subscription Retention chart. My guess is these are upgrades from our monthly plan or other non-standard renewals?


Is it possible to see the all Yearly renewals happening each month in RevenueCat?



2 replies

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Hi @jazmine 🙂

That isn’t what I’m after unfortunately but thank you.

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Hi @Kevin  👋🏽 , 

I think the closest you could get to seeing the number of the renewals would be looking at our Revenue chart and segmenting by a specific product.