How can a user have multiple trial conversions listed in Customer View?

  • 20 August 2021
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As this image shows, the customer started a trial and seems to have converted three times. Only 1 showing a CAD value. Then 2 times opted out of renewal after that.

I was wondering what is going on?


Best answer by sharif 21 August 2021, 05:05

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2 replies

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It doesn’t look like one user redeemed three trials but rather three different users each having their own trial and getting aliased into one user. Each of those aliases appear to have their own purchases. This could be a minor case of device sharing in which they use each other’s devices and restore purchases, causing their separate purchases to be merged under one app user ID.

I recommend two things to help improve the situation:

  1. Review our guide on identifying users to make sure you’re following our best practices regarding app user IDs.
  2. Enable transfer on restore for your app. When users restore purchases that already belong to another user, the purchases will transfer to their app user ID rather than alias the two app user IDs.
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Thank you! This makes sense in our case. We allow any amount of devices to be connected to the same account.