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  • 18 November 2021
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Is there a way to define a report (list) or a chart that shows the expected revenue in some time period?

For example, I can get a report of all the current active customers with a positive auto renew intent, which are expected to renew next month. However I’d like to calculate also the expected revenue of those customers, based on the current status of auto-renew. Is that possible?




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2 replies

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Thanks, I’ll try it.

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Hey @Uri 

You could hack something together using the Subscription Retention chart. This chart takes into account the auto-renewing preference of the subscriptions. You can filter by the product identifier and if you have the price information handy, you will be able to calculate the expected revenue for those customers. 


Alternatively, you can export your apps’ transaction data through ETL exports and write a query to calculate this. If the unsubscribe_registered_at is null, that means the subscriber is set to renew.