Pricing tiers depending on country

  • 16 February 2023
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Hi everyone,


I was wondering what the best way is to set up different pricing in different countries.



High Price Tier: e.g. USA: 9.99 USD per month

Medium Price Tier: e.g. Germany: 7.99 USD (converted from EUR) per month

Low Price Tier: e.g. Brazil: 3.99 USD (converted from EUR) per month


What is the best way to do this?  Also, it would be nice to run separate experiments for each tier.

Is the best way to set up different revenuecat offerings and have the app handle the selection of which offering is chosen based on the country? 
How would it be possible to run revenuecat pricing experiments then?

Are there any best practices?


Thank you already in advance.




1 reply

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To set up pricing in different countries, this is something that would be handled in the relevant store when setting up products.

I think a simple example could help answer your other questions. Let’s say you want to test a product only in Germany. You would create two products with the same prices everywhere, except for in Germany. Then you would test those two against each other in an experiment. You can learn how to set up experiments here.