Feature request: Make the customer list exports not .gz files

  • 8 February 2022
  • 6 replies

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This is so frustrating that the customer list export is a .GZ file….

If you are on a PC you are unable to view the file, you must convert it to CSV. Every time the file is converted, its gets corrupted and data goes missing (regardless of what conversion method you used)

This is so annoying because the only way to review and analyze the customer list export data is by asking my friend with a Mac to download it and upload it to google sheets for me.

Can there PLEASE be a way to download the data via CSV so all users (regardless of comp) can access it?

6 replies

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Hi @bbrenner , gz is simply a compression method so the files get smaller. There are several free decompression utilities for Windows that will unpack gz (gzip) files, for example, 7-Zip.

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@Jens thanks for the response.


I’ve tried every single decompression software before that I could find. They each corrupt the file and are very inconsistent with how the data is processed (yes I’ve tried 7-zip as well).

I’d highly recommend you guys try an alternative to .GZ since it really is a huge pain point for me and any other PC user.

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into it.

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Hi @fisher,

See this post for how to resolve this error: Viewing Customer Lists Exports | RevenueCat Community

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I second this - having major problems with .gz, even using the methods listed in the help article. I’m having to copy the customer lists manually and segment them by signup date so I don’t go over 100 and need to export. Super tedious