What does store_transaction_id refer to in CustomerInfo in REST v1 API


I noticed that when retrieving the CustomerInfo object form the REST v1 api there is a ‘store_transaction_id’ included for each subscription and non_subscription object. This field isn’t documented in the CustomerInfo documentation.


Can you clarify what it refers to? I’m hoping it refers to the original_transaction_id so that I can use it to correlate subscriptions with event hooks as I’ve seen other developers ask for numerous times.


For transactions in the sandbox this number is not unique but I assume that’s just a feature/shortcoming of the sandbox environment. Can someone confirm?

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Hi @Brighttank,

This `store_transaction_id` refers to the original transaction id issued by the store where it was made.

It doesn’t necessary have to be the same as `original_transaction_id`, Google Play for example append a number to the original transaction for every renewal.

About not being unique, can you share an example when this happens? Are you seeing it between 2 different test accounts?



Hi @joan-cardona , thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure I really understand your answer. The webhooks documentation lists two fields - original_transaction_id and transaction_id. I understand that as you mention the transaction_id will change on renewals but the original_transaction_id will be the same for the lifetime of the subscription correct?


After a subscription has been renewed what does the ‘store_transaction_id’ in the CustomerInfo object refer to? Will it match up to the original_transaction_id in the webhook?


I don’t understand how “`store_transaction_id` refers to the original transaction id … which doesn’t necessary have to be the same as `original_transaction_id`”.


Regarding the uniqueness I am seeing it across 2 different test accounts.