Web purchase work flow?

  • 11 January 2023
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Can some one outline the workflow process for a subscription purchase on a website then redeeming it on an iOS app, for example unlocking a feature?


I understand the purchase on iOS workfow

iOS app initiate purchase > revenuecat > ios appstore to process payment > revenuecat > iOS app to unlock feature


What is a web flow look like? , especially one with a stripe payment process? 

I know a user ID will have to be set on a website.



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3 replies

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Hi @Suresh Wickremasinghe

Yes - as long the app user id is the same across both platforms (and is custom/provided, not anonymous), that should be enough to restore on iOS. You can set an app user id for a user when you call configure for the first time at app launch, or by calling .login later in the cycle:

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Hi @kaitlin Thanks for the info.  This was helpful for the web workflow. Just to confirm, redeeming on an iOS app only requires the users ID correct? Setting and using a user ID/password for their account would require work from a server before revenuecat correct?

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Hi @Suresh Wickremasinghe ,

The flow would look like this:

web app initiates the purchase > Stripe > web app sends subscription token to RevenueCat > RevenueCat returns with unlocked entitlements

Then, later in the iOS app:

user opens iOS app > logs in > fetches subscription info from RevenueCat

Does this help to clarify? Let me know if you have any questions!