I updated product description in Google Play console. How can I get updated product descriptions in my code?

  • 29 July 2023
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I have updated product description on Google play console. 

But in my code I still get StoreProduct object with old description. 

What should be done to get updated description? 

I am using vs code, windows, flutter. 


4 replies


It happened automatically. Miracle :-). 

Took about one hour. 

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Hi, glad to hear it worked! This is because you need  to give the updated information time to propogate through the Play Store. As a general rule, I would recommend waiting at most 24 hours to see if it updates.

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This is pretty crazy. When you use Google’s billing library the propagations are basically instant. What is RevCat doing that makes it take so long / this seems like a RevCat problem

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That is strange but I don’t think RevenueCat is causing these delays because the SDK uses Google’s billing library under the hood, so the behavior should be the same with or without RevenueCat. We have seen propagation delays in general when it comes to updating product metadata but they also seem inconsistent. There are a lot factors that can also affect this, including whether the app is in production, caches on the device, etc. We’d be happy to look into any other cases of this happening.