Appsflyer Trial events for android

  • 24 July 2023
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Dear Community,

we are currently using RC for our subscribermanagement (full integration) and Appsflyer as attribution provider. Both Services are integrated in our app but until now we only had instagram paid ads for our native ios-App. We now want to use ads for our native android app. The goal event for our ads is the start of a trial. We have a monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription.

I'm facing the issue, that our CMO asks for AF-Events with 3 different names depending what kind of subscription trial was started. As far as I know the RC to AF Integration is insufficient for that, because each trial start irrespectibly of the subscriptiontype sends the "Trial started event" (default name: rc_trial_started_event) to AF.

Therefore I need to write code, that sends these 3 Events to AF. In my current implementation I send the Events in the "onCompleted" Callback of the "purchasePackage" Method.

Here is the simple Code:

Purchases.getSharedInstance().purchasePackage(this, pack, new PurchaseCallback() {
public void onError(@NonNull PurchasesError purchasesError, boolean b) {

public void onCompleted(@NonNull StoreTransaction storeTransaction, @NonNull CustomerInfo customerInfo) {

In order to check this integration I chose the timeframe 11th July till 19th July. I am confronted with these numbers:

1. rc_trial_started_event in AF-Dashboard for android: 39 events
2. custom trial events in AF-Dashboard: 30 events (22 unique ones)

I have this question:
Why is rc_trial_started_event number in AF (39) not matching the number of my custom trial events (30)? Am I sending the event at the correct time? (In the Callback outlined above)?

Any help and ideas are highly appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi, the onCompleted() seems like a good place to send this. An alternative way of doing this could be to listen to trial started webhooks and send it to AppsFlyer then.