Sandbox/Testflight do not show eligible introdutory offer

  • 17 March 2023
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My app update was recently rejected in the iOS app store due to a mismatch in the introductory offer.


Our paywall and product shows a 7 day free trial, however, when the Apple Store confirmation sheet is shown, no introductory trial period is shown. App reviewers are testing the paywall in Sandbox mode. In our live app, which uses the same product and introductory offer, the introductory offer does show the free trial period correctly. What gives?


I tried everything from upgrading the SDK, trying other products with introductory offers, new sandbox users, etc. with no success. Is this a bug on Apple’s sandbox system?


Testflight with new sandbox user shows no introductory offer
Production shows confirmation screen with free trial


3 replies

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Similar issue here. Using Xcode StorekitConfiguration, and I don’t see the introductory offer used in Paywalls.


Edit: Ah, nevermind. Looks like it just took time to percolate through the system.

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We’re having a similar issue. @dlau did you ever resolve this?

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That’s unfortunate to hear. Apple determines whether or not the user is eligible for the trial and it could be the case that the user that the App Review team is using isn’t eligible, so the payment sheet doesn’t show the trial. Here are some next steps you could take:

  1. I know this is repetitive but double and triple check that you’ve configured everything correctly and that you’re fetching the correct product from Apple.
  2. Talk to App Review and explain the issue. Communication is the best action you can take. Just let them know what you’re seeing, e.g. that on your device you’re seeing the introductory period.
  3. Try using RevenueCat’s check intro eligibility feature. This can’t protect you from any glitches in Apple’s systems, but it can help improve your app’s prediction of whether or not the user is eligible for an introductory period.