Paid app with in-app upgrades, how to get the initial purchase date


I am developing an app that gives access to a certain database for information lookup.

The idea is to charge $2.99 for the app in the app store which gives access to the current version of the database for life.

Then, whenever a new version of the database is available (happens annually), offer a non-consumable in-app purchase to get lifetime access to the new version.

My problem

If a user buys the app in 2022 and uninstalls it when the in-app offer to upgrade to 2023 comes up (not purchasing the upgrade) and then reinstalls it, How can I figure out what version of the database they are entitled to? 

How can I determine when they first bought the app?


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Hey @kojoman!

You can determine the first date of download/purchase by the originalPurchaseDate property on CustomerInfo:

Note: this property is only valid on iOS after a user has had their receipt synced with RevenueCat.

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Another option here could be to set up an Entitlement in RevenueCat for each database year along with a new product in App Store Connect. Every year you’d release a new non-consumable product and Entitlement. 


Thanks 🙏