Implicit conversion of 'RCAttributionNetwork' (aka 'enum RCAttributionNetwork') to 'RCAttributionData * _Nonnull' is disallowed with ARC

  • 29 September 2021
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Has anyone seen this error before? It’s stopping our entire development team:

The line “ = network;” is causing it and we have no idea how to fix. Can we just comment this line out?

Thank you in advance!




//  RCAttributionData.m

//  Purchases


//  Created by RevenueCat.

//  Copyright ©️ 2019 RevenueCat. All rights reserved.



#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

#import "RCAttributionData.h"


@implementation RCAttributionData


- (nullable instancetype)initWithData:(NSDictionary *)data fromNetwork:(RCAttributionNetwork)network forNetworkUserId:(nullable NSString *)networkUserId


    if (self = [super init]) { = data; = network;

        self.networkUserId = networkUserId;


    return self;




1 reply

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Hey @Jason Alvarez-Cohen 

What version of the SDK are you utilizing? Although the SDK is open source and you’re free to change it as you please, it is not guaranteed removing that line will make it work. It sounds like something else could be going on. Are you able to reproduce this error in our React Native sample app?