Confused about checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility

  • 21 July 2022
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We’re using the React Native SDK for an Android and iOS app.


We have received some reports in social media from users complaining that they have been charged immediately after purchase despite the product having a 7 day free trial. We don’t have any user Ids to check in the RevenueCat dashboard yet but we’d like to understand better how free trial eligibility works in the React Native SDK.


  • Does checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility work on Android with the React Native SDK? I’ve seen another post from an Android native user that a different mechanism is necessary
  • If the method returns INTRO_ELIGIBILITY_STATUS_UNKNOWN, is it safe to assume that the user is not eligible? 
  •  Are false positives (is not eligible, unknown is returned) or false negatives (is eligible, unknown is returned) more likely?
  • If a user has already consumed a free trial and they attempt to purchase a free trial product, they will be charged immediately, is this a correct assumption?

Thanks in advance.





1 reply

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Hey @Diego López 

  1. checkTrialOrIntroductoryPriceEligibility unfortunately does not work on Android. You can check out the docstring for that method in the React Native SDK.
  2. If it returns INTRO_ELIGIBILITY_STATUS_UNKNOWN, the safe bet here is to assume the customer is not eligible. Copying over a part of the docstring I sent above for clarity:

    The best course of action on unknown status is to display the non-intro pricing, to not create a misleading situation. To avoid this, make sure you are testing with the latest version of iOS so that the subscription group can be collected by the SDK. Android always returns INTRO_ELIGIBILITY_STATUS_UNKNOWN.

  3. In this case, false negatives (is eligible, unknown is returned) more likely here. Copying over a part of the docstring I sent above for clarity (for iOS): 

    Subscription groups are automatically collected for determining eligibility. If RevenueCat can't definitively compute the eligibility, most likely because of missing group information, it will return INTRO_ELIGIBILITY_STATUS_UNKNOWN.

  4. For Apple App Store, this is correct with some caveats. Here are Apple’s doc as a reference (under ‘Determine Eligibility’). For Google Play Store, this would depend on your free trial eligibility settings in the Google Play Console. Docs for reference. If a customer can only receive one free trial across all subscriptions, they will be charged immediately if they have already used a free trial and purchase a subscription with a free trial. If you provide a free trial per subscription product, if the customer purchases a different subscription with a free trial, they will start another free trial.