Configuring Stripe product with multiple price options with Offerings

  • 12 February 2022
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I’ve been using RC in my Flutter iOS and Android apps and it’s working beautifully. I’m now looking to add web support w/ Stripe and am hitting a road block. In Stripe, we can create a single product with multiple price points. This seems to be the suggested way to do things, according to RC documentation. However, it appears I should use the product ID to create a single product in RC. This precludes me from putting my Stripe products in different RC packages for the offering.

For instance, I have ‘Lifetime’, ‘Yearly’, and ‘Monthly’ packages in the default offering. I added those as price options for the Stripe product. But RC requires the ‘prod_######’ ID to link to a product in Stripe, which doesn’t differentiate for the price options.

Should I split it up into different products in Stripe? Or am I missing something?



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Hi @Peter Keefe, answered a similar question here: 

But yes, you’re right - we recommend splitting up the products separately in Stripe (one per price point) if you want to use our offerings system.

@sundeep I would much appreciate clarifying the reason for using Stripe product_id instead of the price_id for the RevenueCat products if using offerings. For my understanding, Stripe product semantically is equal RevenueCat offering, and Stripe price semantically is equal RevenueCat product. Thank you.