Billing issue events now sent to integrations

  • 30 September 2021
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Our webhooks have for a while supported events for billing issues, now these are also being sent to analytics and CRM integrations. These events will be sent to integrations whenever a subscriber was charged unsuccessfully (e.g., expired credit card or lack of funds). In order to properly receive these events, you will need to set the event name in your configured integrations:

There are several use cases for these events: in analytics tools, you may want to analyze how often billing issues occur for which cohorts or segments of users. In CRM tools, you may want to set up push notification or email campaigns to prompt subscribers with billing issues to update their means of payment.

We hope this new event type is useful. Let us know about any concerns or issues with the new events!


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7 replies

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I’ve just successfully set up two new events (expiration and billing issue) for Amplitude integration. However, I see that ‘billing issue’ event is not available for AppsFlyer integration. It’s just not in the list of available events. 

Are you planning to add billing event for AF integration? 


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Hi @Yaroslav Boiko! It’s correct, we haven’t added this for AppsFlyer (or other marketing attribution integrations for that matter) because we weren’t sure there was a use case for attribution platforms to receive the billing issues. I’d love to learn more about what you’d use those events for in AppsFlyer to see if it makes sense that we add them!

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Hi Jens! Thank you for the reply.

We are using AppsFlyer’s DataLocker, a tool which allows to export all events we send to AF to our GCP bucket. So we use AppsFlyer’s data not only for marketing analytics but for product analytics and other purposes. Previously we didn’t have any billing issues raw data, as you added this data to RevenueCat it would be great to have for AppsFlyer integration as well. 

Can we expect this event to become available for AF?

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Thanks @Yaroslav Boiko , that’s super helpful. We’ll give this some thought and get back to you.

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Thank you!

Will look forward to getting more info as it appears.

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Hey @Jens  — Just realized you guys shipped this recently. I’m a bit confused as we were already having RC send events to Segment for the Cancellation and Expiration, which contained “BILLING_ERROR” as the cancellation_reason or expiration_reason.


How is this separate event different? Is it only for transactions processed by stripe?

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Hi @Leon Sasson, sorry for the delayed response, I was on holiday. It’s true that our events can be a bit redundant if you are reacting to every event. Billing issue events are mostly a convenience for people who specifically want to react to them. Cancellation and Expiration events are a bit different in when they occur: Cancellation events generally are fired as soon as we know that a subscription is set to expire without customer action (i.e., in the billing issue case, as soon as the billing issue is detected); Expiration events occur at the actual end of the subscription (in the billing issue case, this would be at the end of the grace period if one is set, or immediately otherwise).

Hope that helps!