Why was a subscription charged 3 days later?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi, I’ve observed some strange behaviour.

A customer supposedly started a subscription on October 15 (3 days ago), and today they were charged for it. Since there’s no free trial period, what explains this 3-day float between subscription and payment?

I dug into the user’s timeline in Mixpanel, and here’s what I found:

  • Oct 15: signs up and attempts purchase 3 times, and cancelled each time by the user
  • Oct 18: user opens app and restores purchase (note: MP has no record of purchase events for this user)
  • Oct 18: RC reports new revenue for subscription started on Oct 15 (my question: why did this revenue take 3 days?)

Some possible explanations I can think of:

  • Maybe the customer started a subscription from the App Store subscription page on Oct 15 and didn’t open the app until Oct 18, which is when RC was able to detect the purchase.
  • Maybe there’s a reporting/customer history bug in RC?
  • Maybe Apple has some arcane/obscure deferred payment plan that I’m not familiar with.

Does anyone know what causes this behaviour? Looking for some insight to see if I need to fix anything on my end. Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hey @gas , 


I was able to check in our system. It does look like we received the user's receipt on October 18th which is consistent with what the dashboard reads. This just means there could have an an issue with the internet or something that interrupted the process we and we didn't receive it till later. The revenue will still be counted for the 15th and we will still count the subscription as started on the 15th. 

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Hi @gas , 

I went ahead and sent this ticket into Zendesk to further handle your request!