Problems with PurchasesCoreSwift

  • 18 July 2022
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My ionic cordova project can no longer run on IoS since last Thursday and I have no idea why this is happening.

When testing the Xcode, the code no longer processes the PurchasesCoreSwift-Info.plist, with results that the entire Purchase folder remains empty and it fails as it can not import from the Purchases.h file. 

We have a podfile that installs the PurchasesHybridCommon as usual (it might have something to do with that, as we were upgrading the Cocoapods when the error occured, unfortunatelly setting it back to previous versions hasn’t solved the issue.)


Is there anyone else who experiences this problem? Or can offer advice where to look?


Best answer by Jasper 18 July 2022, 14:58

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1 reply

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Apparently, it was not a problem with RevenueCat, but with Cordova. Updating cordova-plugin-purchases to the latest version solved this.