Issue with tracking subscriptions to the correct user

  • 22 July 2021
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Yesterday (21.07.2021) while testing on iOS we faced an issue with tracking user properties and subscriptions from the same device to different users.
On device logs we've seen that properties were tracked to user1.
But after subscription were made - it appeared on another user - user2 (Last Opened 2021-07-13 at 03:05 PM (9 days ago)).
Looks like it's a floating issue, we were able to reproduce it for other users, subscriptions and platform (Android also), but we had no logs from that devices - the main indicator was - no new properties added to user with purchased subscriptions. The case mentioned was get on logs and in some time after that issue stopped reproducing. Since I don't see any incidents reported on status page, I assume you may help us with recognizing the problem - appears it happened from time to time before.

We use Unity SDK, have Alias (legacy) Restore Behavior and set our own anonymous user id before initialization.

2 replies

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Were user1 and user2 aliased together at some point? You should be able to see from their customer page in the dashboard if they’ve been aliased. 


To clarify, are you seeing the subscription being transferred between users, or are you seeing Subscriber Attributes being transferred between users? 


@ryan No, they are not aliased, it’s different users. user1 has properties set up during last session, user2 has previous subscription history.

It’s not about transferring, because new user is not receiving history of purchases. Attributes (sorry, I’ve called them properties) looks like created new, for new user. So it’s more like subscription has left on old user, but subscription attributes were set up for a new user.

I call them “new” and “old” based on info on customer page - user2 was first seen some time ago and  Last Opened 2021-07-13 at 03:05 PM (9 days ago). But user1 was first seen with start of the app session after clean install, where “problematic” purchase was made.