[iOS] some subscriptions does not show Name and Description

  • 18 September 2022
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Hello, I am a flutter developer.

My App has been rejected due to this problems.

some subscriptions does not show name and this image


Plus (monthly plan) and student subscriptions are currently work well.


😢 It worked well until yesterday.

I thought at first this problems is an apple sandbox server error...!! My another post on 'apple developer forums'

I use RevenueCat for sync subscriptions data, but Android app has no problems...!!

  • My subscriptions are sandbox mode.
  • I've never changed the code.
  • This problem occurs in both English and Korean.
  • It worked well in Setting > Appstore > Sandbox account > management. like this image
Setting > Appstore > Sandbox account > management​​


Apple rejection message : 

Apple rejection message


subscription page : 

subscription page


teacher_plus_month and student_pro_month, student_pro_year subscriptions are currently work well.

yellow one is “under review”.

red one is “Developer action required”.


Does anyone have the same problem?


Does anyone know how to solve it?

1 reply


+) No errors are returned in the log… 😭