How to connect offer from Google play console to RC offer?

  • 8 January 2023
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Hello, How to connect offer from Google play console to RC offer in order to include free trial in getOfferings method?

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Hey There! 


The underlying stores apply introductory offers to purchases automatically and isn't something that RevenueCat's Purchases SDK controls. They apply these if the purchasing user is eligible, e.g. the underlying store account hasn't already purchased that product, You've waited up to 24 hours for product propagation after adding the offer, and for Google Play The free trial offer needs to be marked as Backwards Compatible in Google Play Console.


We actually have a document outlining how to get free trials on RevenueCat which can be found here:


For Google Play, Checking introductory eligibility is not supported for Google Play at this time. Hybrid SDKs that use the checkTrialOrIntroductoryEligibility method will not return a valid eligibility on Android.