Getting Invalid Product Identifiers

  • 5 September 2021
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I’m running on a real device connected to Xcode, and I’m getting this error when first launching my app:

Invalid Product Identifiers - (
2021-09-05 17:43:04.367091-0400 Rewire Beta[29316:9415860] [Purchases] - DEBUG: ℹ️ 2 completion handlers waiting on products
2021-09-05 17:43:04.367210-0400 Rewire Beta[29316:9415594] [Purchases] - WARN: 🍎‼️ Could not find SKProduct for (
There is a problem with your configuration in App Store Connect.


I’ve verified that my identifiers match up to what’s in App Store Connect:


I’ve also verified API key is correct, iTunesConnect App-Specific Shared Secret is correct, etc. Made sure the in-app purchase capability it enabled in Xcode for my target.


Any ideas?


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2 replies

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My tax section is also completed but still I got “Error fetching offerings”. I don’t know how to solve it. Please help me.


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Figured out the issue. We had to setup the Tax section in App Store Connect. Thanks Apple :(