Enabling users to sell tickets or their services

  • 11 December 2021
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I’m working on an app that will have some subscription elements, but will also allow users to sell goods and services to other users. 

Would revenue cat be able to do this, or would I need another system for the person to person transactions? 




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2 replies

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Hi Tina, 

Thanks for the response. I figured that was the case, but wanted to make sure. 

A user might sell tickets to an event they organize on the app, ranging in price from ~$10 for a smaller event, to $100 or more for a larger event. 

Prices would be determined entirely by the user. 


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Hey @Ian 

IAPs can only be used for digit goods and services. For person to person transactions, I don’t believe this would be possible through RevenueCat. Can you provide some details on what an example seller would offer?