Customers getting confused about the VAT tax

  • 12 September 2023
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Hi folks, 

Recently, I’ve been getting a bunch of messages from customers who are confused when they see a much higher price during checkout, compared to what I display in the app. The reason is VAT taxes. Many customers are so confused that they don’t end up purchasing. 

Any strategies for getting around this? I’m thinking of adding “+ tax” right next to the price on my subscribe screen. What do y’all do? Does anyone dynamically pull the price from RC or Apple/Google? If so, what’s the easiest way to do that? 



2 replies

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Hi @tobysola1,

Hopefully other developers can chime in with examples of how they handle cushioning tax at checkout for customers, but you can dynamically display pricing from the RC SDK either by using Offerings and then fetching the current Offering for your paywall:

Or by getting the price directly from the storeProduct on iOS or Google, respectively.

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Hi Kaitlin, 

Thanks for chiming in. I'll share this info with my developers. Do you get the currency value dynamically as well?

A related question would be how you deal with displaying percent off offers. A common way to display percent off is to give the original price crossed out and then the discounted price. Do people have some simple way to calculate everything in a local currency and with local taxes, including the original price and a discounted price? If that's too confusing, how are people displaying discounted offers in various currencies in geos?