CloudKit RecordName as RevenueCat User ID

  • 25 January 2023
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Hey All, instead of having RevenueCat create an anonymous user ID for every person that starts a subscription, I want to use the CloudKit recordName for the RevCat user ID so that I can match up the user. Currently, I have the RevCat implementation happening right when the app launches in the init {}. How should I think about fetching the CloudKit recordName before RevCat Purchases.configure(withAPIKey: “”, appUserID: “”) is called? Thanks for any help.

1 reply

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Hi Andy, I’m not familiar with the CloudKit RecordName, but waiting to call configure until after you have the RecordName (appUserID) is the way to go about it. This will ensure no anonymous ID is created on configure. You can also check out this blog post if you want to never see any anonymous App User ID’s.