Change Authorization Header Name for Webhook Integration

  • 3 August 2021
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We’re using AWS and our API is behind an API Gateway.  AWS API Gateway provides API key authentication via the `x-api-key` header. 


Is there a way to customize the header RevenueCat uses when making webhook calls so that RevenueCat can integrate with APIs in AWS?


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Best answer by ryan 4 August 2021, 18:12

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3 replies


I’m just facing this issue and would really need to be able to customize the name of the Authorization header in order to have a successful webhook integration with AWS’ API gateway.

Is this in the roadmap? What’s the expected time for this feature to be implemented?

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Thanks @ryan.  Please do.  I’d imagine other people are going to run into this sort of thing too as serverless applications proliferate.  What’s the usual timeline on new features?

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There isn’t a way to change the authorization header for the RevenueCat webhook, but we can log this as a feature request!