E+12 numbers in Excel on Windows

  • 4 November 2021
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We just created a Customer List Export. But after decompressing the file all time stamps and other numbers were converted into E+12 numbers. Unfortunately this help article (Viewing Customer Lists Exports | RevenueCat Community) does not help 😕. It seems that the time stamps are already converted to E+12 before extracting the file.

I am using Windows & Excel.

How can this issue be solved?


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4 replies

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Coming back here to post some findings so far for anyone else to stumble upon:

Following the steps from the mentioned community post allowed you to see the data correctly as described here: You were attempting to use Excel’s built in tools to convert the epoch timestamps into a readable date, this is where the E+12’s were coming in. Suggest taking a look at this community post on how to convert the timestamps in the customer list into a date:


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Hey @Repure Life 

I opened a ticket with the Support team on your behalf to take a deeper look and gather some additional information. 

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Hey, @tina , thank you for the reply. I have redownloaded the file and followed your recommended steps. But unfortunately it does not work. Whether in Excel, nor in Google Docs. This is a bit frustrating :-/

Do you have any other recommendations? Does it make sense to forward you the file?

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Hey @Repure Life 

When you select the excel cell that has the E+12 time, it should show the actual value at the top.


The trick is don’t double click the file and open it with Excel. Can you try redownloading the file from the email, decompressing, then opening the .csv file and following the rest of the steps:

  1. Open the file with notepad or any other file editor
  2. Copy everything
  3. Open Excel
  4. Paste and select 'Data -> Text to Column' in the tools bar 

Be sure to not miss the ‘Data → Text to Column’ step as well to convert the E+12 numbers to an actual value.